Charity Walks

Here are the Charity Walks in the U.K. which are being staged in the next few months according to

DateAreaName of EventIn aid of
28-May-16LondonLondon 2 Brighton ChallengeBritish Red Cross
28-May-16LondonLondon 2 Brighton Ultra ChallengeMacmillan Cancer Support
28-May-16LondonLondon 2 BrightonAnthony Nolan
28-May-16LondonLondon to Brighton 100k ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
28-May-16LondonLondon2Brighton ChallengeArthritis Research UK
28-May-16Yorkshire Three PeaksYorkshire Three Peaks ChallengeCandlelighters
01-Jun-16TanzaniaClimb Kilimanjaro - Rongai RouteBritish Heart Foundation
03-Jun-16CumbriaHadrian's Wall TrekAnthony Nolan
03-Jun-16CumbriaHadrian's Wall WeekendArthritis Research UK
04-Jun-16WalesTrek North Wales: Offas Dyke ChallengeBritish Red Cross
04-Jun-16WalesTrekFest - Brecon BeaconsBritish Heart Foundation
04-Jun-16WalesTrekFest - Brecon BeaconsNSPCC
04-Jun-16WalesTrekFest: Brecon BeaconsCystic Fibrosis Trust
04-Jun-16WalesTrekFest: The BeaconsChristian Aid
05-Jun-16ScotlandAberdeen KiltwalkNSPCC
10-Jun-16ScotlandBen Nevis ChallengeAnthony Nolan
11-Jun-16East SussexSouth Coast Mighty HikeMacmillan Cancer Support
11-Jun-16ScotlandCumbrae ChallengeChristian Aid
11-Jun-16SurreyGreat Strides 65 SouthCystic Fibrosis Trust
11-Jun-16WalesGreat Strides 65 WestCystic Fibrosis Trust
12-Jun-16WalesSnowdon Mountain ChallengeMarie Curie Cancer Care
16-Jun-16National Three Peaks3 Peaks 3 Days ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
17-Jun-16CumbriaHadrian's Wall TrekChristian Aid
17-Jun-16Yorkshire Three PeaksYorkshire 3 Peaks ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
18-Jun-16CumbriaChasing the SunNSPCC
18-Jun-16CumbriaLake District 4 Fell ChallengeMacmillan Cancer Support
18-Jun-16CumbriaLakeland ChallengeMedEquip4Kids
18-Jun-16OxfordshireThe RidgeWalkSense
18-Jun-16ScotlandGreat Strides 65 NorthCystic Fibrosis Trust
18-Jun-16ScotlandMartin Currie Rob Roy ChallengeMacmillan Cancer Support
18-Jun-16ScotlandThe Rob Roy ChallengeMarie Curie Cancer Care
18-Jun-16Yorkshire (other)Day in the DalesHeart Research UK
18-Jun-16Yorkshire Three PeaksYorkshire Three Peaks and ValleysHeart Research UK
24-Jun-16National Three PeaksNational Three Peaks challengeMeningitis Now
25-Jun-16CanadaCanadian Rockies TrekMarie Curie Cancer Care
25-Jun-16LondonLondon to Brighton TrekBritish Heart Foundation
25-Jun-16NorthumberlandHadrian's Wall Mighty HikeMacmillan Cancer Support
25-Jun-16Tyne and WearBede's Way WalkChristian Aid
25-Jun-16WalesSnowdon TrekBritish Red Cross
29-Jun-16IcelandIceland TrekMeningitis Now
01-Jul-16Yorkshire (other)Great Strides 65 EastCystic Fibrosis Trust
02-Jul-16LondonLondon 2 Cambridge Ultra ChallengeMacmillan Cancer Support
02-Jul-16LondonLondon 2 CambridgeAnthony Nolan
02-Jul-16LondonLondon to Cambridge 100k ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
02-Jul-16LondonLondon to Cambridge ChallengeNSPCC
02-Jul-16LondonLondon2Cambridge ChallengeArthritis Research UK
02-Jul-16Yorkshire Three PeaksYorkshire Three Peaks Mountain ChallengeMarie Curie Cancer Care
05-Jul-16IcelandFoggy and Jake's Iceland TrekNSPCC
05-Jul-16IcelandIcelandic Lava TrekBritish Heart Foundation
09-Jul-16DorsetJurassic Coast Mighty HikeMacmillan Cancer Support
09-Jul-16Yorkshire Three PeaksYorkshire Three Peaks ChallengeBritish Heart Foundation
13-Jul-16TanzaniaKilimanjaro TrekNSPCC
13-Jul-16TanzaniaMount Kilimanjaro Summit Trek - Lemosho RouteAnthony Nolan
14-Jul-16National Three Peaks3 Peaks 3 Days ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
16-Jul-16Yorkshire (other)Railway Children Walk and Fun DayCystic Fibrosis Trust
16-Jul-16Yorkshire Three PeaksYorkshire 3 Peaks ChallengeBritish Red Cross
23-Jul-16SomersetCotswold Way Mighty HikeMacmillan Cancer Support
30-Jul-16ScotlandGlasgow to Edinburgh TrekBritish Heart Foundation
30-Jul-16SurreySurrey Hills Mighty HikeMacmillan Cancer Support
06-Aug-16Yorkshire Three PeaksYorkshire 3 Peaks Mountain HikeMacmillan Cancer Support
11-Aug-16National Three Peaks3 Peaks 3 Days ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
12-Aug-16ScotlandBen Nevis Weekend TrekNSPCC
13-Aug-16Greater ManchesterTrans-Pennine Mighty HileMacmillan Cancer Support
13-Aug-16ScotlandBen Nevis Moonlight HikeMacmillan Cancer Support
14-Aug-16ScotlandSpeyside KiltwalkNSPCC
18-Aug-16TanzaniaKilimanjaro ChallengeMeningitis Now
20-Aug-16TanzaniaMount Kilimanjaro Summit Trek - Rongai RouteAnthony Nolan
20-Aug-16WalesMount Snowdon Moonlight HikeMacmillan Cancer Support
27-Aug-16East SussexSouth Coast ChallengeArthritis Research UK
27-Aug-16East SussexSouth Coast ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
27-Aug-16East SussexSouth Coast ChallengeNSPCC
27-Aug-16East SussexSouth Coast Ultra ChallengeMacmillan Cancer Support
27-Aug-16East SussexUltra Challenge Trek - South Coast ChallengeBritish Heart Foundation
31-Aug-16IcelandTrek IcelandArthritis Research UK
02-Sep-16PeruMachu Picchu TrekAnthony Nolan
03-Sep-16Cumbria8 Peaks Challenge - Lake DistrictBritish Heart Foundation
03-Sep-16DerbyshireTrekFest - Peak DistrictNSPCC
03-Sep-16DerbyshireTrekFest - The PeaksBritish Heart Foundation
03-Sep-16DerbyshireTrekFest: The Peak DistrictCystic Fibrosis Trust
03-Sep-16DerbyshireTrekFest: The PeaksChristian Aid
07-Sep-16EcuadorAvenues of the VolcanoesCystic Fibrosis Trust
08-Sep-16ChinaChina TrekMeningitis Now
08-Sep-16DorsetJurassic Coast WeekendNSPCC
08-Sep-16MoroccoHigh Atlas Summit TrekAnthony Nolan
09-Sep-16CumbriaHadrian's Wall TrekChristian Aid
09-Sep-16IndonesiaSumatra Jungle TrekAnthony Nolan
09-Sep-16SumatraSumatra Jungle Trek ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
10-Sep-16ChinaGreat Wall Discovery TrekAnthony Nolan
10-Sep-16CumbriaScafell Pile Mountain ChallengeMarie Curie Cancer Care
10-Sep-16LondonThames Path ChallengeArthritis Research UK
10-Sep-16LondonThames Path ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
10-Sep-16LondonThames Path ChallengeNSPCC
10-Sep-16LondonThames Path Ultra ChallengeMacmillan Cancer Support
10-Sep-16LondonThames Tow Path ChallengeAnthony Nolan
10-Sep-16LondonUltra Challenge Trek - Thames Path ChallengeBritish Heart Foundation
10-Sep-16Yorkshire Three PeaksThe Yorkshire Three Peaks ChallengeArthritis Research UK
10-Sep-16Yorkshire Three PeaksYorkshire 3 Peak ChallengeNSPCC
10-Sep-16Yorkshire Three PeaksYorkshire 3 Peaks ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
15-Sep-16National Three Peaks3 Peaks 3 Days ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
15-Sep-16TanzaniaKilimanjaro TrekMarie Curie Cancer Care
16-Sep-16ChinaConquer the Great Wall of ChinaArthritis Research UK
16-Sep-16TanzaniaClimb KilimanjaroGenesis Research Trust
17-Sep-16TanzaniaKilimanjaro Trek - Machame RouteBritish Heart Foundation
17-Sep-16WalesSnowdon Moonlight ChallengeNSPCC
18-Sep-16ScotlandBen Nevis Mountain ChallengeMarie Curie Cancer Care
18-Sep-16ScotlandEdinburgh KiltwalkNSPCC
19-Sep-16East SussexHeathfield Sponsored WalkChristian Aid
21-Sep-16MoroccoTrek Mount ToubkalMeningitis Now
22-Sep-16NepalEverest Base Camp TrekNSPCC
22-Sep-16NepalEverest Base CampAnthony Nolan
22-Sep-16NepalEverest Base CampArthritis Research UK
24-Sep-16SomersetEllie's WalkBritish Heart Foundation
24-Sep-16WalesSnowdon Trek ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
24-Sep-16WalesSnowdon TrekChristian Aid
27-Sep-16CumbriaBarrow Walney WalkBritish Heart Foundation
30-Sep-16ScotlandBen Nevis ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
06-Oct-16CumbriaThe Lake District ChallengeMeningitis Now
06-Oct-16TanzaniaKilimanjaro ChallengeMeningitis Now
07-Oct-16ChinaConquer the Great Wall of ChinaArthritis Research UK
09-Oct-16DevonWild Moors and Tors ChallengeMarie Curie Cancer Care
13-Oct-16National Three Peaks3 Peaks 3 Days ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
13-Oct-16TanzaniaKilimanjaro Hiking ChallengeMacmillan Cancer Support
13-Oct-16TanzaniaKilimanjaro TrekBritish Red Cross
14-Oct-16PeruMachu Picchu TrekNSPCC
15-Oct-16ChinaGreat Wall of China TrekHeart Research UK
20-Oct-16TanzaniaClimb Kilimanjaro - Lemosho RouteArthritis Research UK
20-Oct-16TanzaniaClimb Kilimanjaro - Rongai RouteArthritis Research UK
21-Oct-16TanzaniaClimb Kilimanjaro - Machame RouteArthritis Research UK
22-Oct-16ChinaGreat Wall of China TrekNSPCC
10-Nov-16MoroccoSahara Desert TrekMeningitis Now
10-Nov-16NepalEverest Base CampArthritis Research UK
11-Nov-16IndiaIndia Hiking ChallengeMacmillan Cancer Support
12-Nov-16BurmaTrek BurmaGenesis Research Trust
12-Nov-16MoroccoSahara Desert TrekAnthony Nolan
19-Nov-16MalaysiaBorneo Hiking ChallengeMacmillan Cancer Support
19-Nov-16Sri LankaSri Lanka TrekMarie Curie Cancer Care
26-Dec-16TanzaniaTrek KilimanjaroSue Ryder
21-Jan-17Costa RicaCosta Rica Trek for Hampstead HospiceMarie Curie Cancer Care
17-Mar-17NepalEverest Base CampArthritis Research UK
18-Mar-17USAGrand Canyon TrekMarie Curie Cancer Care
14-Apr-17ChinaConquer the Great Wall of ChinaArthritis Research UK
28-Apr-17PeruInca Trail TrekCystic Fibrosis Trust
05-May-17ChinaGreat Wall of China Trek 2017Marie Curie Cancer Care
11-May-17National Three Peaks3 Peaks 3 Days ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
15-Jun-17National Three Peaks3 Peaks 3 Days ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
13-Jul-17National Three Peaks3 Peaks 3 Days ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
17-Aug-17National Three Peaks3 Peaks 3 Days ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
14-Sep-17National Three Peaks3 Peaks 3 Days ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
15-Sep-17ChinaConquer the Great Wall of ChinaArthritis Research UK
17-Sep-17USASmoky Mountains Trek for Northern IrelandMarie Curie Cancer Care
22-Sep-17NepalEverest Base CampArthritis Research UK
06-Oct-17ChinaConquer the Great Wall of ChinaArthritis Research UK
06-Oct-17IndiaIndia Himalayas TrekMarie Curie Cancer Care
08-Oct-17VietnamVietnam Trek for Liverpool HospiceMarie Curie Cancer Care
12-Oct-17National Three Peaks3 Peaks 3 Days ChallengeCystic Fibrosis Trust
10-Nov-17NepalEverest Base CampArthritis Research UK
11-Nov-17Costa RicaCosta Rica Trek for Bradford HospiceMarie Curie Cancer Care
16-Nov-17Sri LankaSri Lanka Trek - Cardiff and The Vale HospiceMarie Curie Cancer Care
18-Nov-17Costa RicaTrek Costa Rica for Marie Curie ScotlandMarie Curie Cancer Care
20-Jan-18Costa RicaCosta Rica Trek for Newcastle HospiceMarie Curie Cancer Care
09-Feb-18UgandaTrek UgandaMeningitis Now