About The West Pennine Moors

These relative new-comers to the National Park / Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty world have a charm all of their own…

Mud or the retention of water!

If you thought that Pendle Hill was somewhat ‘peaty’ and that Grit Fell was shall we say ‘textured’ then you are in for a real treat when you go a-walking on the slopes of the hills of the West Pennine Moors. At their best these hills can be bleak and desolate and a little exposed, this they have in common with hills slighty further north in the Forest of Bowland. Having tackled Winter Hill only recently and still being able to remember the state of my feet after tramping around Holcombe Hill and Darwen Hill I can say with conviction they’re marshy!

The West Pennine Moors are roughly 90 square miles in extent and a great deal of this is moorland and reservoir scenery, they stretch from west Blackburn to Bolton and from Chorley to Bury, a compact area relatively speaking but on one of great beauty and diversity. The villages contained within the boundary tend to share a similar picturesque quality, stone cottages and historic public houses turning into more of a norm than an exception!

For more information regarding the West Pennine Moors visit the following web site: http://www.westpenninemoors.com/

Darwen Moor

Name of HillMetresFeet
Cartridge Hill4021318
White Hill4011315
Hanging Stones3941292
Turn Lowe3891276
Darwen Hill3721220
Black Hill3581174
Great Robert Hill266872

Anglezarke Moor

Name of HillMetresFeet
Spitlers Edge3921286
Great Hill3811250
Redmond's Edge3751230
Black Hill Upper3471138
Hurst Hill3171040
Standing Stones Hill3141030
White Ledge Hill3141030
Grain Pole Hill285935
Healey Nab208682

Rivington Moor

Name of HillMetresFeet
Winter Hill4561496
Crooked Edge Hill3891276
Noon Hill3801246
Rivington Pike3631192
Brown Hill3251066

Smithhills Moor

Name of HillMetresFeet
Counting Hill4331420
Adam Hill3601192
White Brow3581174
Whimberry Hill3401115
Egg Hillock3281076
Burnt Edge3251066

South Turton Moor

Name of HillMetresFeet
Turton Heights3431125
Cheetham Close3291079
This is the unnamed moor to the due south of Turton Moor and West of Wayoh Reservoir

Holcombe Moor

Name of HillMetresFeet
Bull Hill4181371
Harcles Hill3711217
Holcombe Hill3691210

Musden Head Moor

Name of HillMetresFeet
Causeway Height3861266
Musbury Heights3301082

Odd ones out

These are hills whereby the parent moor is not obvious from O/S or Bing Maps or there is only one hill from that particular moor featured on the list.
Name of HillMoor (If known)MetresFeet
Rushy HillOswaldtwistle3771236
Thirteen Stone HillHaslingden3451131
Bowstone Hillnot known250820